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27 August, 2009

Promotion Raya ! 17 Aug - 30 Sept 2009

Festive Tiffin 63516
Retail: RM135.00
Now: RM108.00

With every purchase of Festive Tiffin:
Square-A-Way 63515
Retail: RM21.60
Now: RM12.90

Tall Canister (1) 63430
Retail: RM67.40
Now: RM53.90

OT Canister Large (2) 63464
Retail: RM79.60
Now: RM63.70

OT Topper Large (4) 63514
Retail: RM119.20
Now: RM95.40

OT Canister Small (4) 63463
Retail: RM109.20
Now: RM87.40

Aidilfitri Serving Set A227
Retail: RM130.50
Now: RM97.90

Water Dispenser (1) 58463
Retail: RM156.80
Now: RM117.60

With every purchase of Water Dispenser:
Canister (1) 63149
Retail RM82.50
Now: RM57.80

Kurma Gift Set 63183
Retail: RM51.00
Now: RM34.90

Salam Mesra Cake Gift Set 63011
Retail: RM41.70
Now: RM35.40

With every purchase of Kurma Gift Set

OT Bowl (2) 92425
Retail: RM29.80
Now: RM19.90

Colors of Spring Canister (4) 91765
Retail: RM96.00
Now: RM76.80

Colors of Spring Servers (4) 91724
Retail: RM60.40
Now: RM48.30

Canister Large (1) 91211
Retail: RM54.10
Now: RM40.60

Bunga Telur Set (10) 92874
Retail: RM86.00
Now: RM68.80
Jumbo CarryAll 10 kg 63321
Retail: RM99.00
Now: RM79.20

Mooncake Gift Set 1077
Retail: RM74.50
Now: RM56.80

Square Round Starter Set A237
Retail: RM117.60
Now: RM94.10
With every purchase of Square Round Starter Set:
Petit Square Round (4) 63429
Retail: RM32.00
Now: RM9.90nett

CrystalWave Soup Mug (No.1) 58191
Retail: RM38.80

CrystalWave Divided Dish (No 2) 91610
Retail: RM38.70

Reheatable Lunch Mate (No 3) 57814
Retail: RM43.90

Reheatable Divided Lunch Box (No 4) 58458
Retail: RM39.90

Sweet Pink & Cool Aqua Tumbler Set A298
Now: RM39.00

With every purchase of Sweet Pink & Cool Aqua Tumbler Set 0658
Retail: RM12.40
Now: RM3.90nett

Sports Bottle (No 1) 56211
Retail: RM39.80

High Handolier with Pouch (No 2) 58455
Retail: RM52.90

Thirstquake Tumbler with Pouch (No 3) 58462
Retail: RM39.20

Thirstbreak Tumbler (No 4) 58182
Retail: RM50.40

Beverage Buddy Margarita 58461 /Cool Aqua 58479
Retail: RM36.30

Water Dispenser (No 1) 58463
Retail: RM156.80
Now: RM117.60

Outdoor Cooler (No 2) 58316
Retail: RM99.80

Small Goody Box with Cariolier (No 3) 58189
Retail: RM73.80

Large-Square-A-Way (No 4) 58460
Retail: RM61.60

GoFlex (No 5) 54222
Retail: RM69.80

B2B Snack Stor 58012
Retail: RM39.90

B2B Slice & Stor 58104
Retail: RM59.80

Rice Dispenser 58086
Retail: RM288.00

Modular Mates Essential Set
Retail: RM209.60

Modular Mates Rectangular Set
Retail: RM143.20

Modular Mates Starter Set
Retail: RM86.50

Garlic-N-All Keeper 54550
Retail: RM59.90

FridgeSmart Large 58302
Retail: RM157.60

Modular Keeper with Grid 58324
Retail: RM86.90

Fridge Water Bottle 58320
Retail: RM39.90

Handy Cool 57801
Retail: RM59.80

Rectangular Water Container 58317
Retail: RM94.20

FreezerMate Essential Set 4027
Retail: RM193.00

FreezerMate Medium Set 4026
Retail: RM154.30

FreezerMate Starter Set 4028
Retail: RM105.00

Season Serve 58177
Retail: RM49.80

Large Store N Pour (No 1) 58190
Retail: RM63.00

Salt N Spice Set (No 2) 91779
Retail: RM29.60

Multipurpose Shears (No 3) 47794
Retail: RM96.00

Can Opener (No 4) 44781
Retail: RM78.80

Legacy Floria Microwaveable Serving Set 1063
Retail: RM165.00
Now: RM132.00

Giant Pitcher 91207
Retail: RM64.80

Legacy Floria Bowls 58459
Retail: RM25.60

Legacy Floria Plates 58246
Retail: RM44.80

TupperChef Wok 55313
Retail: RM459.00

TupperChef Fryer with Glass Cover 48082
Retail: RM273.00
Now: RM218.40

5pc TupperChef Cookware Set 56227
Retail: RM699.00


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